Tuesday, June 19, 2018

History Begins to Repeat Itself!

This is what separating and detaining families looks like at the US southern border.  This is also what US officials look like when lying about what they are doing and why.  

This is Auschwitz,  another place where families were separated and detained.  And,  where officials also lied about what they were doing and why.  

Trump’s story that the Democrats forced his hand to do this has been thoroughly debunked.  He could stop this evil with a single word. 

What this is really all about is holding children hostage to extort the money from Democrats in Congress to build the border wall that we do not need.  That has been verified.

My fellow citizens,  rise up and put a stop to this evil!  Contact your senators and representatives,  and insist that they stop this. 

If they do not,  replace them at the earliest election,  or other recall opportunity,  with someone who will.   It really is that simple.

Update 6-24-18:  I have not seen one single thing in any of the governmental actions,  or in any of the commentary,  that would induce me to change my assessment of this problem.  It is indeed a manufactured crisis to gain a political end,  and it is a real,  verifiable human rights abuse,  motivated by a political propaganda message that is essentially Hitlerian Nazi in its fundamental character.  I have also seen not one ounce of the courage required in Congress to oppose this evil,  with very few individual exceptions.  Maybe a small single handful so far.

Update 7-3-18:  I have still seen nothing to change my assessment of this situation.  As of yesterday,  it was reported that family separations finally (!!!) stopped.  But the number of children actually reunited with their parents is still,  as of today,  a number less than 10 out of over 2000 so separated.  Border crossing arrests are also reported to be down,  so this does seem to work as a deterrent,  at least short term.  But I find the cost of this "deterrent" to be totally unacceptable from a moral and ethical standpoint.  It is a human rights violation.  It is far outside that behavior recommended by all the great religions.

Update 7-6-18 There is definitely a pattern to the delays correcting by court order this atrocity.

That pattern includes and encompasses the more recent story about immigrant recruits being discharged from the military.  They were promised a path to citizenship if they enlisted.  The government has just reneged on that promise.  Can you conceive of why?

It also encompasses the toleration of Nazis and KKK'ers marching in Charlottesville,  as if their ideologies were as valid as anyone else's,  although few yet make that particular connection.  Sound familiar?  It should!

That pattern is:  select a scapegoat population,  such as immigrants,  especially those of color.  Then demonize them.  Then abuse them.  Finally,  get rid of them.  Sound familiar?  It should!

Another piece is the "beloved-leader" cult of the strongman leader.  Followers support him rabidly,  no matter how much harm he does them. Logic and facts cannot dissuade them.  Sound familiar?  It should!

Consider the effects of the trade war on the heartland figures who are Trump's political base (and largely the extreme-right wing of the GOP's base,  these days).  Or the 1.5 trillion dollars added to the national debt to "finance" tax cuts that were 90+% for the super-rich,  not them.

We've seen this evil before,  and spent the best part of half a million lives and most of our treasure trying to eradicate it,  7.5 decades ago.  THAT is why I specifically picked the comparison to the Nazis.  The parallel between today's America and 1930's Germany is quite eerie,  at the very least!


  1. What is your opinion on the US leaving the UN human rights council?

    1. The UN is flawed at best, including that council. But what we are doing on the border violates human rights. -- GW

  2. You might see a line of ragged, exhausted, lied to, doomed humans about to confront the imminent reality of a state that doesn't want them.

    I see a pack of lazy, ethnic child traffickers, being represented in TV interviews by Stormy Daniels' Lawyer.

    If they arrived on a train it was by clinging to the top of it, keeping their legs shut so that the baby doesn't come out until they are within walking distance of Brownsville.

    If they have relatives that are in the country, they get an electronic tag and free bus tickets northwards, no questions further asked about those relatives and their legality, no destination address need be given.

    They don't get gassed and a fake postcard sent to the relative's address outlining what a wonderful time they are having having been "relocated."

    Seriously, just listen to yourself. They are just a pack of freeloaders, who've seen the US on TV and have decided that it is somewhere they might fancy living. Stop making excuses for it.

    1. The traffickers, smugglers, and gangs do exist, but are demonstrably a very small part of the problem. The bulk of these are refugees, seeking asylum. When you take a baby from the arms of a woman breast-feeding it, you can be pretty sure that traffickers, smugglers, and gangs are not involved. I think you may be getting too much of your "facts" from the likes of Fox and Friends, talk radio, or Russian-troll fake news. -- GW

    2. Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, these are places that are basically poor. They are, according to The Donald, "shitholes," nothing more.

      Thing is, when did "being poor" become grounds for asylum? And why aren't they seeking it in Mexico? Which is not, as they say, a "shithole," but is a reasonable place to claim asylum. Why this trail of tears off northwards?

      "Oh, but there was a civil war in Guatemala!"

      And?....It ended twenty years ago....

      Organised smuggling is categorically deeply involved - Knowing where to get across the Rio Grande is no joke if it involves walking out into the desert, especially at this time of year.

      "I think you may be getting too much of your "facts" from the likes of Fox and Friends, talk radio, or Russian-troll fake news."

      Where are you getting your Nazi clip art from? This whole "scandal" is manufactured. The policy of separating children in this way has apparently been going on for years, all through Saint Barack's administration, capable of being stopped with a single word, and yet only this week, mysteriously, has someone decided it's time to be outraged about it, breaking out Nazi clip art for everyone to cut and paste.

      "Look at what that nasty man is doing now! Forward it to all of your friends so they can also be upset over it!"

      It reminds me of Hannibal Buress, the comedian, and the "Google Bill Cosby, rape" affair. Something that blows up out of nowhere because it has been decided as scandal of the week.

      Try googling "democrats, fetal body parts" and notice how they simply will not dissociate themselves from Planned Parenthood, and how they assiduously try to suppress whatever it is that is really going on here.

  3. Reasoned debate is not possible when your "facts" are the lies of far right-wing propaganda. Suffice it to say that I believe neither right-wing crap nor left-wing crap. But the hateful racism of the right-wing crap is far more distasteful to me.

    In the New Testament, Jesus commands above all else to love your fellow man as yourself. The beliefs implicit in your comments are the exact opposite of that commandment. Some day you will answer to God for the evil that you spread.

    1. You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness. You shall not fall in with the many to do evil, nor shall you bear witness in a lawsuit, siding with the many, so as to pervert justice, nor shall you be partial to a poor man in his lawsuit.
      — Exodus 23:1-2

      These people are criminals and they are endangering their own children. Do you honestly approve of this?


  4. As I already said, reasoned debate is not possible.

    1. Don't bother then, just read this link, and it turns out that this whole "scandal" is fake, using images that date back to when Obama was in the White House:


      Time magazine has admitted the whole thing was a lie. You've been had.