Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life-Changing Event

Well,  I got fired because I blew the whistle on some bad behavior of a powerful person.  Most whistle-blowers do get fired,  that's no surprise. 

If anybody needs a really good teacher of math or engineering,  or a really well-qualified engineer,  please do let me know.  I can't quite afford to retire just yet. 

I will add a resume here soonest.


here's the resume 6-24-13:

Contact:   Gary W. Johnson,  P.E., Ph.D.   6-17-13

                  5886 New Windsor Pkwy                        254-840-9629
                  McGregor,  TX  76657                  

Formal Education:           

B.S. Aerospace Engineering    University of Texas at Austin       1972
                                                  (major:  aerothermodynamics & propulsion)

M.S. Aerospace Engineering     University of Texas at Austin         1974
                                          (high-speed aerodynamics;  math minor)

Ph.D. General Engineering       Kennedy-Western University      2000
                                                  (study field: manufacturing & production)
                                                  (dissert.:  alternative fuels in piston aircraft)

Continuing Education:

Laser Technology cont.-ed. course   company-sponsored education at TSTC  1978
Scramjet Propulsion Short Course    AIAA-sponsored training at UCLA         1987
Beech B-90 systems training            Worldwide Aviation Training                  1998
Fire sprinkler professional training   National Fire Protection Association      2000


Professional Engineer                    State of Texas # 46233                   1979
Fire Sprinkler RME “general”       State of Texas # 0649                     1999-02
NIASE Certified Mechanic            engine diagnosis and engine perf.  1996-01
State of Texas Certified Educator  SBEC,  Secondary (8-12) Math      2003-09


Fuel Injector for Ducted Rocket Ramjet Motor (assigned to employer)  US 4,416,112 1981
Eradication Implement for Controlling Prickly Pear Cactus (self-held)  US 6,722,446 2004

Consulting Experience:

Private consultant in aerospace,  automotive,  mechanical,  energy,  and manufacturing,  since 1991.  Offering services in air,  land,  and sea vehicle design,  test,  and modification.    Equipment and process design.  Management and project control.   Structural design and analysis,  plus in-the-field evaluations of structures and buildings.  Aircraft STC experience with FAA.   Alternative fuels and energy,  experimenting with owner conversion of gasoline-only vehicles to E-85 ethanol operation,  and routine operation of unmodified engines on E-35 blends.  Mechanical cactus eradication processes,  including business activity building and selling cactus eradication implements.  One of the US’s last living all-around experts in all aspects of ramjet propulsion.  Invented and offered to NASA a simple and practical means of crew escape for Space Shuttle ascent and re-entry accidents.   

Aerospace/Defense Industrial Engineering Experience:

16 years with a missile propulsion manufacturing concern,  working with rockets (Sidewinder,  Sparrow/Shrike,  Phoenix,  AIM-120, and more),  ramjets (VFDR-PTV,  ASALM-PTV,  AAAM,  and more),  air turborockets ,  and pulse detonation engines.  Managed plant IR&D program for 5 years,  comprising 10-20 projects and investigators,  funded at $1-2 million annually.  Technical lead in airbreathing propulsion research,  design,  test,  and evaluation for 15 of those 16 years.  Developed cycle analyses,  testing protocols,  and facility design updates for airbreathing test.  16 years of ground test experience in both rocket and ramjet work.  Program manager for two funded contracts (SFDR and UFDR).  Technical lead for foreign technology exploitation of the SA-6 airbreathing sustainer (a ducted rocket ramjet,  Project Group Work).

3 years with a decoy and deception equipment manufacturer,  working flares,  chaff,  and multiple types of advanced towed and free flight decoys,  for both aircraft and ICBM re-entry application.  Technical lead for design and demonstration of an infrared towed decoy powered by fuel-air combustion.  Technical lead for deployment dynamics of various items (two towed ribbon radar decoy still-classified applications,  one towed hard-body radar decoy TAAED,  and one forward-fired free-flying hardbody radar decoy FFAED).  In-plant expert for anything propulsive (including a decoy rocket for use with Stinger missiles in Afghanistan,  for the CIA).   Ground test experience of multiple types (including freejet tests of ram-air powered combustors),   and flight test experience in jet aircraft with towed decoys of all types.

Summer tour as a graduate student with an aircraft/missile prime manufacturer,  working in the satellite launch business with the “Scout” vehicle.  Advanced configuration studies and advanced mission analysis,  plus orbital mechanics support for launch customers.  Demonstrated feasibility by analysis of a dual launch ICBM chase mission that was later flown.

Civilian Industrial Engineering Experience:

3 years in commercial construction and environmental work for two firms.  Residential and commercial foundation design for highly expansive clays.  Superstructure evaluations for integrity,  primarily foundation-related.  Septic system design-to-code.  Cleanup and disposal of very hazardous materials.  Air/water/waste permitting.  Fire sprinkler system design-to-code and construction oversight,  including piping and supports,  pumps,  supplies,  and underground water mains. 

Teaching Experience:

2007-2013: full-time professor of mathematics for Texas State Technical College (TSTC),  in Waco.  Courses include college algebra,  college trigonometry,  intermediate algebra,  and technical algebra (with a little trig).  Tutoring and mentoring students with their courses and their projects. 

Since 2003: part-time adjunct professor of engineering for McLennan Community College (MCC),  evening courses.  Courses include Introduction to Engineering,  Statics,  Dynamics,  Graphics,  and Basic Circuits.  

2003-2007 public education for two Texas high schools.  Taught secondary math,  grades 8-12,  plus one 7th-grade math course.  Secondary math courses include Algebra-1,  Algebra-2,  Geometry,  Pre-calculus & Trigonometry.  Served as school anchor / instructor for dual credit college courses in College Algebra,  College Trigonometry,  and Calculus 1. 

1997-1999 split position lecturer/research associate for Baylor University in Waco,  Texas,  in Aviation Sciences department.  Taught courses aerodynamics,  aircraft systems,  aviation safety,  and airport management to commercial pilot candidates,  and filled-in teaching Calculus 1, 2, or 3.  Conducted contract engineering research into alternative fuels for both piston and turbine engines,  including both ground testing and flight testing,  plus safety engineering.

1996-1997 associate professor of engineering technology (sabbatical replacement) for Minnesota State University,  department of automotive and manufacturing engineering technology.  Taught all the design analysis and composite materials courses for 4-year technology degrees in these areas (including labs),  plus served on accreditation committee and semester conversion curriculum committee. 

Informal experience in industry:  over many years,  taught many young engineers on-the-job the essentials of ramjet work,  flow visualization,  dynamical simulations with convenient models,  interior ballistics,  and safety engineering.  Some of these topics were of a classified nature and substantially ahead of the open literature available in higher education.

Some Selected Areas of Expertise in Which Consulting is Offered:

Any aspect of ramjet propulsion (internal & external aero,  materials,  heating,  structural,  inlets, flameholders, etc.)
Eradication of prickly pear cactus from farm and ranch pastures by mechanical processes.
Conversion and testing of road vehicles and aircraft to alternative fuels.
Mechanical / structural design of components and equipment,  in unusual / harsh environments.
Combustion,  fuels, & propellants:  high-intensity flameholding / ignition;  analysis,  design,  and test.
Design and test with many different fuels,  propellants,  explosives,  and other hazardous materials.
Signature production,  detection,  reduction,  and deception:  infrared,  optical,  and some radar.
Aerodynamics, heat transfer, & materials:  analysis and experiment from 5 mph to Mach 5,  analysis to Mach 25+
Vehicle configuration,  motion,  modification,  and performance:  analysis,  design,  and test;  land/sea/air applications.
Residential and commercial buildings:  foundation and superstructure structural evaluations.
Space vehicle crew escape concepts for retrofits or new designs.