Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Cactus Tool Website

If you need cactus removal from farm or ranch pastures,  please read on.  There is a new website for a mechanical method of how to kill cactus using a tool I developed.

Used properly,  it literally kills cactus (the prickly pear,  or some folks spell this prickley pear),  eradicating it permanently,  without pickup-and-disposal,  without chemicals,  and without disturbing the grass.  And your effort is reduced to driving your tractor around.  The end result is far better than any of the chemical or mechanical control methods that I have ever found.

This new site is something my son and I have been working on,  to greatly expand the cactus tool business I have operated for over a decade now.  Since I am retiring,  I can devote more time and effort to building and selling these very simple and effective tools.  Most people find it hard to believe how effective this approach is;  I could hardly believe it myself when I accidentally discovered how to do this.  But it is true:  this is really effective,  and without so much onerous work.

The new site is now operational as  Here's a video from that site,  which tells you exactly how to kill cactus:

If that doesn't work for you,  try going directly to this site to see it:

Update 3-1-18:  the site has been shut down in favor of a new and improved site  It's the same eradication tools offered,  but the website content is better and less confusing.  There's more photos and even better videos,  including time lapse coverage of a test site. 

It is a turnkey site designed specifically for online browsing,  information-gathering,  customization of your tool with options,  and secure purchasing.  Prices and options posted there supersede all others published elsewhere.  The information posted there will allow you to evaluate for yourself the relative economics of chemical sprays versus the purchase of a well-proven mechanical eradication tool. 

There are two basic cactus killer tool models:  the plain tool and the hydraulic tool.  Each comes with multiple options,  and each is equally durable.  The plain tool has no moving parts,  and is less expensive because it is simpler.  The hydraulic tool has hydraulically-operated transport wheels that enable it to “step over” the occasional bale of debris under the tool,  without manual clearing of that debris.  It is more complicated and expensive,  but is more capable of saving the owner time and effort.

The new site is jam-packed with text,  picture,  and video-clip information.  Go visit it and learn how to kill cactus,  permanently. 

Update 3-25-16:  Long ago,  I built early versions of the plain tool for sale to do-it-yourselfers,  while a good friend (Dave Gross,  the "Kactus Krusher") used early versions of the hydraulic tool in his cactus-killing service-for-hire.  In those days,  I built them one at a time on my driveway,  and had no way to help folks further away than a practical driving distance.  So,  I offered plans to help distant customers.

Today,  with the new website,  we have shipping capability to just about anywhere in the world.  So,  there is no longer a need to offer plans,  and so I no longer offer them.  As a rough guide,  it costs around $1000-2000 to ship a tool cross-country by truck.  Ocean shipping is even cheaper,  once the tool has been trucked to the port.

And here's a thought for those of you wondering about price.  You can do for your neighbors what Dave did:  use your tool to go kill-cactus-for-hire.  I'd suggest charging labor-by-the-day plus something to cover fuel and supplies.  This works better with the hydraulic tool,  as Dave found when he did the service.

Dave has retired,  leaving a big gap to fill,  since I don't do the service-for-hire.  So,  I do offer rentals to folks within a practical driving range.  I can't do this yet for anyone located anywhere,  so this isn't on the new website.  But,  I do have one production prototype each of the plain tool and the hydraulic tool available to rent.

If this interests you,  please call or email for a current price.  That should be near $100 for the first 3 days,  plus $50/day thereafter,  for the plain tool,  and about twice that for the hydraulic tool.  In either case,  I need a refundable deposit equal to the current price of the corresponding tool.  You can get that off the new website.

Once again:  (search for "kill your cactus now").

Update 3-1-18:  (search for "")


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