Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recovery, Part 2

Wednesday 6-29 (day 16 since surgery on Monday 6-13): I successfully drove son’s Ford Focus across the yard to the shop. I also successfully climbed into my F-150 and manipulated the pedals forcefully enough to drive safely. I cannot do this activity for very long, perhaps for a 5 mile trip at the most. But, it is very satisfying that I now have such a capability if there is an emergency. With the other knee, I did not reach this capability until day 29.

I have been walking without a walker on smooth paved surfaces in daylight since about day 11. My gait is hobbled because the knee joint motion is still limited to about 5-75 degrees (0 is full extension, 90 is flexed to a right angle, and the hardware limits are 0-140). We’re working that issue much harder now in therapy, since I got the staples out on Monday (day 14).

I still have to use pain medications to sleep at night, and even so, it is a hard thing to do. I wake up a lot during the night. But, I haven’t used the pain medications at all during the days, since day 11. This recovery is definitely proceeding faster than the other one 2.5 years ago.

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