Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Retaliation for Strike on Saudi Oil Facilities

This article has been submitted to the Waco “Tribune-Herald” as a possible guest column.  It remains to be seen whether they will use it.  But this article does need to be seen by folks.  I have tried to ditch all the politics,  and just look at this with plain common sense.  This issue has gotten lost in the glare of the impeachment inquiry,  but it is still very important to resolve.


There has been a missile strike upon Saudi Arabian oil facilities that came from a northern direction.  It did considerable damage,  and missile hardware has been salvaged from the strike location.  The consensus of opinion so far is that the Iranians launched this strike from Iranian territory,  despite official denials from the Iranian government.

That consensus of opinion so far is that this strike was literally an act of war committed upon the Saudis.  That demands some form of retribution,  something that must come from somebody!  The Saudis being the injured party,  that decision about what to do is upon them,  not anyone else!  I’m sorry,  but “them’s the facts” of the situation.

That consensus of opinion about the perpetrator of this act of war needs confirmation,  of course,  before any action is taken.  I applaud the restraint shown by all concerned,  so far.  But,  I have high confidence that this was indeed an act of war committed by the Iranians upon the Saudis! 

This is in keeping with a long history of competition between the two,  over who would dominate the region,  and with increasing Iranian desperation driven by the economic sanctions upon them.  These sanctions were in turn driven by their behavior.  The fault is no one else’s.

The Saudis,  despite their faults (which are many),  are a long-standing ally in the region.  We are obligated as their ally to support them in whatever they decide to do about this act of war committed upon them.  But,  we are NOT obligated to lead the retaliation,  or to form any coalitions to perform this retaliation,  or to take prime control of any these actions,  in any way whatsoever! 

This is a Saudi problem!  And unlike Kuwait in 1991,  they should be most capable of taking the lead in this,  having been the beneficiaries of hundreds of billions of dollars-worth of US defense aid over the last several decades. That being said,  maybe they bought some of the wrong stuff. 

What they so obviously needed,  and lacked,  was a way to send missiles back to Iran to “blow stuff up there” in retaliation.  As for incoming missile defense,  despite some of the claims to the contrary by our giant aerospace-defense contractors,  that is,  at best,  an “iffy” proposition.  Take it from me:  I worked in that business for over 2 decades.

All of this is easily rectified,  and quickly.  Give some retaliatory missiles to the Saudis,  and let them do whatever they deem necessary to retaliate for the Iranian strike.  But otherwise,  STAY OUT of this conflict!

That being said,  should the Iranians succeed in subsequently striking US assets in the region,  in any way at all,  then I recommend a fast unilateral US effort,  at the level of “extreme overkill”!  All is fair in love and war,  as the saying goes.  There is NO need to “fight fair”. 

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has a naval base upon a known island in the disputed Persian Gulf area.  Destroy utterly and completely all life,  and facilities,  upon that island!  The Iranian Revolutionary Guard also has a known headquarters location in Teheran.  Destroy it utterly!  And simultaneously,  before anyone can escape!

Without the Iranian Revolutionary Guard,  the evil mullahs who rule Iran cannot stay in power!  THAT is regime change,  conducted from a standoff distance,  and without an American boot upon the ground!


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  1. Pushing Shiite Iran into the arms of China and Russia would be a seriously bad idea! And they would probably take Shiite dominated Iraq with them.

    Iran may be a threat to Israel but it is definitely not a threat to the United States. Plus Iran is not foolish enough to go to war with a nuclear armed Israel.

    And I would never trust a country like Saudi Arabia that claims to be our ally while this Sunni country continues to preach anti-American and anti-Semitic propaganda to Muslim children around the world.

    If America is really serious about dealing with oppressive regimes then it should place high tariffs on all imports from-- all nations-- that are not free and democratic!

    1. I don't want the US to push anybody, I want the Saudis to defend themselves for change. But if the Iranians vent their spleen on us, I want no invasion, I just want to set the mullahs up for regime change from within. -- GW