Monday, October 25, 2010

Election 2010: TX Governor

My 3 issues for choosing are:

1. Factual sources of information (most definitely not campaign ads).
2. Re-elect no incumbent that you cannot personally verify did more good than harm.
3. Look for real specifics in proposed actions(names and numbers, not slogans).

Factual data as reported by the newspapers:

Governor Perry was behind the attempted land grab for the Trans-Texas Corridor, a proposed foreign-owned toll road. He vetoed the eminent domain reform bill passed by the Legislature specifically to make this possible. At stake was almost a million acres of privately-owned land to be forcibly taken by the state, and turned over to a foreign company for their profit. The bill he vetoed specifically outlawed this taking of private lands for private profit.

He was also behind the attempted fast-tracking of permits for a big cluster of old-technology coal-fired power plants to be built close to the greater Waco area. This would have driven McLennan county into air pollution non-attainment status, forcing local residents to get their cars emissions-tested for state inspection, at increased expense. It would have also driven the Dallas-Ft. Worth and Houston non-attainment areas into direct federal EPA control, something no one here wants.

More good than harm:

The two items listed above would have done great harm to the people of Texas. I see no way that the good Mr. Perry has done, and he has done some, outweighs these two items. He fails, and Mr. White wins, on this selection issue.

Proposed specifics:

I have not yet seen much (that I trust as factual data) from Mr. Perry or Mr. White in the way of specific policy proposals. It's a "wash".


I recommend voting for Bill White for governor. That's what I will be doing.

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