Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recovery - final

I am doing very well now, and should be discharged from therapy soon. I went back to work (albeit limited duties and limited time) Monday (yesterday), day 42 since surgery. Still going to therapy 3 times a week. I can sit feet-down about 6 hours now without causing too much pain, and I can walk a few thousand yards. Driving is no longer much of a problem, to at least 60 miles. There's one more week to push it further and be ready to present my paper at that meeting. I think it will be fine.

We have made great progress with the little kitten, Kit T. Kat. He now lives with the four grown cats pretty much 24/7. I moved the last of his stuff into their room Monday (yesterday). He still irritates them by grabbing and chewing too much, but is finally starting to learn when to back off. It took a lot of being hit with paws (not much claws) to achieve this, the little cuss is quite hard-headed. The grown cats have actually been quite patient with him.

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