Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Death for Hasan

I just heard on the radio that Nidal Hasan got the death penalty for his military court martial conviction as the Fort Hood shooter.  He very most definitely deserves it.  I wish it could be carried out sooner,  rather than later.  And it ought to be hanging-without-the-drop,  the old way. 

Hasan was tried on workplace-violence charges instead of terrorism charges,  because there is nothing in the Uniform Code of Military Justice to cover terrorism by a soldier.  There should be.  The bureaucrats who use this legal shortfall as an excuse not to provide aid to Hasan's victims,  should be tarred and feathered,  as bad public officials often were,  in my grandfather's day. 

The officers who knew that Hasan had loyalty and fitness problems should be court-martialed along with him,  for dereliction of their duties.  They should get hard labor,  at the very least. 

Why Hasan was not tried for treason,  I do not understand.  Out of his own mouth,  he said "he joined the other side",  meaning specifically the enemies we are currently at war with.  More than the required 6 persons heard this.  He said he shot those people at Fort Hood to protect the Taliban and others like them,  the very folks we fight in Afghanistan.  More than the required 6 persons witnessed that statement,  too.  Killing Americans,  to provide aid to the enemy Taliban,  meets one of the definitions of treason.  And that is in the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Somewhere,  somehow,  we (military and civilian) have become too "eaten-up" in political correctness to face the hard truths of our times,  and deal with them.  This includes dealing-out real justice when it is needed.  Real justice doesn't lie in precedents,  and most certainly not in political correctness,  nor in polls.  It lies in good old common sense and a solid upbringing in ethics.

This Hasan was a home-grown,  self-radicalized,  terrorist and traitor.  He converted himself to the belief/ideology that he must "kill for God",  as did the would-be Fort Hood bomber,  Naser Jason Abdo.  Those two Tsarnaev brothers who bombed the Boston marathon were immigrants,  but they self-radicalized over here.  Same radical belief system/ideology. 

I don't know the relative education level of the other three,  but Hasan was a psychiatrist with a terminal college degree.  I don't understand how an educated person could fall for that radical Islamist propaganda that wants its adherents to "kill for God",  but he did,  and so have many others. 

Any radical/fundamental group that wants you to "kill for God" is very most definitely not speaking for the God that I know.  Islam is not the only faith afflicted with vicious radical subgroups like this,  they all have them.  It's just that the Third World,  which is pretty much synonymous with the Muslim World,  is in intense turmoil in our times.  Radical Islamists are more visible simply because there are so many people of all types involved in all that turmoil.  And it spills over here. 

Generally speaking,  I am totally against "ratting people out".  But for self-radicalizing terrorists like Hasan and the rest,  I make an exception.  So should we all.   Everybody should be watching for this.  Otherwise we'll have another 9-11 event,  and it'll be some of our own who did it. 

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