Monday, October 16, 2017

ASUS Hardware, Windows Software? Never Again!

My ASUS X553M laptop with factory Windows 10 operating system is a low-quality,  unreliable piece of crap!  So is its operating system!  (Its predecessor was a Toshiba laptop running Windows 8/8.1.  The hardware failed at age 2:  the display hinges broke.  I hated Windows 8 from the moment I saw it.)

This ASUS machine/Windows software combination has several very serious issues that Best Buy’s Geek Squad cannot,  or will not,  help me with.  All these major issues are fatal,  as far as my estimate of quality is concerned.  That list follows below.

I would appreciate comments from readers as to what machines or operating systems might possibly be acceptable (since this machine and operating system are so very clearly not). 

I need to do word processing,  powerpoint-type slides,  spreadsheet work with plotting,  and a shell within which to run old-time DOS software.  I need something that can use wi-fi to access the internet and email.  I want a battery pack that I can pull,  to force a restart,  when all else fails.

ASUS X553M / Windows 10 Fatal Issues List:

#1. The screen dims and flashes or flickers,  when not plugged into the AC power supply.  This renders the machine unusable,  in spite of the battery being charged.  When the issue first started,  it did this with about 50% battery charge remaining,  as indicated on the display.  This rapidly got worse over a period of only months,  accelerated to starting the flicker at 90% battery indicated.  Now it will not run without flashing even at 100% indicated charge state.  Nothing in the Windows settings affects this. 

#2. The machine turns off its wi-fi device spontaneously,  without warning,  and for no perceptible reason.  This happens erratically and unpredictably.  The frequency with which it occurs is increasing as time goes by.  More of the time,  It still sees the wi-fi network,  and will reconnect if you command it.  But for a significant portion of the time,  it does not see the wi-fi network,  and so cannot be commanded to reconnect.  The only recourse in that case is reboot. 

#3. This machine on occasion locks up without warning,  rendering the keyboard and the mouse totally inoperative.  The only way to deal with this is a reboot.  It always loses all data up to the last save.

#4.  I cannot trust the reboot to be effective,  unless I unplug the AC power,  and either select full shutdown (not restart),  or else use the power switch.  I have noticed that the tiny indicator lights do not go out,  and that the issues the reboot was supposed to correct do not reliably get corrected,  unless I go for the complete shutdown with no AC connected.  There is no battery pack to pull,  as the battery is all-internal.  

#5.  The machine erratically and unpredictably ignores clicks of the mouse.  This problem comes and goes erratically. 

#6.  The keyboard has unreliable keys,  and a slow response to keystrokes.  You can type fast,  and it will miss a lot of letters.  Some are worse than others.  Those will often ignore slow repeated keystrokes,  even ignore continuous hold-down of the offending key.  Plus,  the symbols wore off the keys in only a year.

#7.  I haven’t seen a stable operating system out of Microsoft since DOS,  which would fit on a 1 megabyte floppy disk.  The entire fundamental Windows concept is flawed,  forcing people to learn a second language (icons),  which was (and still is) unnecessary.  The last DOS machine I had also had a little shell program (from a German company) that did a text-based point-and-click mouse controlled interface.  This interface did everything for file navigation that Windows ever did,  but would fit on another 1 megabyte floppy disk without even filling it. 

#8. Windows 8/8.1/10 are all useless pieces of crap totally bogged down with useless touch-screen crap that is totally inappropriate to an ordinary laptop.  That kind of marketing arrogance totally negates any possible past reputation Microsoft ever had for quality or for customer service. 

#9. All of the Windows operating systems are very hard-to-remove (you must wipe the hard drive),  behaving exactly like a virus or malware,  ever since Windows 95.  The last semi-stable version I had was Windows 3.1,  but it was nowhere near as stable as DOS 2 or DOS 6,  which never corrupted themselves or required reboots.

#10.  The Windows operating systems are all self-corrupting,  and they do not clean up the messes they make,  which clog up your hard drive memory,  and bog down your machine’s operating speed.  DOS did not do that.


  1. Sounds like a terrible battery giving out irregular voltage and falsely triggering Window's own hyper-active 'sleep mode' shenanigans.

    1. Yeah, except it did this when the battery was new. Worse now that the battery is weak with age: won't run the display at all at 100% charge. -- GW

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