Sunday, March 4, 2018

Forget the Stupid Wall!

The following article appeared in something fairly close to its submitted form,  in the Waco "Tribune-Herald",  on Wednesday,  Feb 28,  2018.  Here is the as-submitted article:


The notion that a border wall will solve our immigration problems is political propaganda deliberately intended to deceive you.  I can defeat a 30 foot high $25B dollar wall in under 5 minutes for under $150.  So can anybody else,  on either side of the border.  All it takes is a 40 foot extension ladder,  a coil of rope to let you down on the other side,  and a pair of leather gloves so you don't burn your hands sliding down the rope.

You solve the illegal immigration problem by matching immigration policy with the actual facts on the ground.  Policy is out of balance with the facts on the ground by a factor not far from 100.  This has been so for many decades,  and we have had an illegal immigration problem for those same many decades.

The facts no one wants to hear:  the jobs that few Americans want,  because the pay is really crummy (at best) and the work is hard,  are up here.  The work force,  willing to do those hard jobs for really crummy pay,  is down there.  I'm talking about cleaning toilets,  mowing lawns,  and pouring concrete,  among others.  More Americans might actually do those jobs if the pay weren't so crummy,  but as long as the immigrants are illegal,  they can be extorted into doing those jobs for pay that bad.  "Catch 22".

What I'm talking about is the guest worker visa program,  where immigrant workers and their families come over to take those jobs.  The quota is between 100,000 and 150,000 such visas in any given year (look this up online for yourself if you don’t believe me).  The illegal immigrant population of 10 to 12 million tells you what the actual size of this job market and the corresponding labor force really is.  As I said,  about factor 100 out of balance.  And for over 7 decades now.

It is no secret that these people would starve in Mexico.  They come up here to survive.  They WILL come just to survive,  legally or not.  The reason they come illegally is that they cannot get a legal visa,  because the quotas are set factor 100 too low.  

All that being true,  why would anyone be surprised that we have a lot of illegal immigrants?  Anybody actually surprised by this must be of subnormal intelligence,  or hasn't paid attention to reality,  or else has come to believe the lying political propaganda put forth about this problem.  

This is a problem neither party will admit to,  because they get re-elected by putting out lying propaganda about it.  By the way,  people are dying in the desert because of that political perfidy.  How unethical/evil and un-Judeo-Christian is that?

There would be no DACA problem if both parties hadn't let this perfidy go on for many decades. If we fix the guest worker program,  the DACA problem goes away in a single generation.

My advice:  stop electing and re-electing these evildoing idiot politicians.  Find some who will actually fix the guest worker quotas.  Then we will have absolutely no need of that utterly idiotic $25B wall.


Comments regarding this posting:

First:  assuming the average immigrant family size is two working parents with 4 children,  then the actual number of these jobs the immigrants come north to do is around 2/6 of the immigration population,  or something like 3-4 million jobs that are hard and low-paying.  That's still far more than factor-30 out-of-whack with the guest worker visa quotas,  even if you refuse the workers' families entry (which would be inhumane).

Second:  most of the immigration has been Mexican citizens seeking a living until recent years.  Now there are a lot of refugees from violence coming up from Central and South America.  I didn't include that in my submitted article.  It is related,  but generally,  a refugee from violence is a different problem from a guest worker who cannot get a legal visa.  They,  too,  need a way to make a living,  so it also affects the ridiculously out-of-balance quota problem.

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