Monday, July 8, 2019

Misc Funnies

These really don’t need much in the way of explanation.  The canary thing refers ultimately to the use of canaries in cages to detect bad air in mines.  The twisted car was supposedly designed by folks using the new federal common core math standards. 

The last two poke fun at the Trump administration. One is generic,  the other refers to his mis-statements in his 4th of July speech about the Revolutionary Army taking airports (some 230 years before there was such a thing as an airport). 

More was wrong with that than just a bad teleprompter.

Update 7-14-19 My wife sent me this one because she knows who I am.  As you can see,  I do not classify easily.  


  1. GW, your TDS is really a bad case. Maybe "sad" case. Your opposition doesn't make any sense from a 'rocket man', as any rational person would agree that President Trump is doing some really great things and the economy is going way better than under Obama. Come on, get on board. Trump 2020 !

    1. I'm assuming TDS means "Trump Derangement Syndrome". These cartoons didn't spark your comment. Some of the other, more serious postings did. -- GW

    2. Sorry “unknown”, my reply requires further extension.

      “TDS” = “Trump Derangement Syndrome” might more accurately be translated as “Trump Delusion Syndrome”. The real delusion is that Trump has been, and will continue to be, good for America.

      If you actually read through the fact-checking of Trump claims that I put into the “Chief Prevaricator for the Prevaricator-In-Chief” posting, then you already know your claim that the “economy is better under Trump than Obama” is false.

      Apparently you did not read it. You should.

      I have my troubles with the Democrats and some of their agenda, just like I have serious heartburn with the Republicans and some of their agenda. I pick and choose ideas I think might work, not caring from which party they come. Same for my candidates.

      But I have a really poor opinion of Republicans who blindly follow Trump, no matter the cost to the country. That is truly delusional. And dangerous to the Republic.

      As for Trump, I am sick and tired of a President who lies egregiously nearly 100% of the times he opens his mouth, who is so obviously racist/white supremacist, who abuses the agencies of government to commit atrocities upon defenseless asylum seekers at our border, who has committed obstruction of justice (per Mueller) but was not charged with it (per DOJ policy), and who cozies up to enemy dictators while insulting our allies (which borders on treason).

      He does a lot more harm than any possible good. We simply do not need that in the Oval Office.

      So, my take on it is (short form) “Dump Trump 2020”.

      Long form: “Doesn’t matter who the other guy is. How could you be worse off?”