Thursday, July 16, 2020

The White House vs Fauci

The President’s track record leading the country through this pandemic crisis is,  shall we say,  NOT stellar.  It has been a long time since Dr. Fauci has actually even been seen at an official White House function,  and here of late,  White House advisors have been bad-mouthing Dr. Fauci in public. 

There is a prior track record of that from Mr. Trump himself,  despite his claims to the contrary in his most recent press conference.  And yet it is Dr. Fauci that tells us the truth about this crisis,  when the White House will not.  I certainly would be more likely to believe what Dr. Fauci has to say,  by far. 

So,  I came up with this.  You may download and use it,  if you wish.  It needs to be seen at every political rally from now to the November election,  including on the faces of protestors at Trump rallies.



    1. I agree with the need to publicize this interaction. I disagree with the interpretation the youtube video maker puts on it. I take Fauci at exactly his words: a matter of priority when supplies were low. And yes, government incompetence is why supplies were low, but that incompetence was not on Fauci's part, nor is/was he trying to cover it up. It was on the part of politicians and bureaucrats, of which Trump's administration was only the latest and most egregious. My opinion on who to fire and who to free still stands. -- GW