Sunday, December 20, 2020

White Trash Christmas 2020

For some years now we have had an unusual Christmas yard decoration that we call “White Trash Christmas”.  It usually comprises an “iron Christmas tree” that I made,  plus a cheap plastic Santa and a bunch of plastic yard flamingoes lit up from the inside.  The flamingoes are the team of “reindeer” that pull Santa’s “sleigh”,  which is usually something like a lawnmower or a wheelbarrow. 

This year,  I could not make the light strings work for the “iron Christmas tree”,  so I just set up the flamingoes and the Santa.  I used a wheelbarrow for the “sleigh”,  complete with a trash sack representing the bag of toys.  This year,  it’s near a security light on the pole behind,  which lighting allows one to see the details.  (Usually the “iron Christmas tree” performs that lighting function.)  

If you look close,  you can see the pipe cleaner “antlers” on the flamingoes.    There are ten of these flamingo “reindeer”:  Rudolph out front,  the regular eight from the Christmas story,  and Bambi following up behind.  Left to right and front to rear,  the eight are Dasher,  Dancer,  Prancer,  Vixen,  Comet,  Cupid,  Donner,  and Blitzen.  (Yes,  I marked the names on each of them.)

I took this picture just after sundown,  right at the point the camera wanted to use its flash.  This thing is quite striking to see at night.  Enjoy. 

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