Saturday, September 12, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal Nonsense

Update 4-9-17:

The conclusions of this article are now obsolete.  It has been superseded by “The Time Has Come to Deal With Iran and North Korea”,  dated 4-8-17,  with search keywords “current events”,  “Mideast threats”,  “North Korean rocket test”.  

Update 11-16-2015:  I have seen nothing since that would change any of these opinions,  conclusions,  or recommendations.

Original Posting:

I am so sick of all the political crap being spewed about the Iran nuclear deal that I could just throw up! 

The pros (mostly Democrats) talk about verification,  but not about what they would do if Iran cheats (and they will – see below).  The cons (mostly Republicans) cry excessively loudly about “how bad this deal is”,  but they have absolutely nothing credible to offer as an alternative (same as all the other things they want to reverse). 

I’m sick and tired of the whole lot of them.  But that’s a topic for another time.

The Iranians will cheat,  in fact there’s some hints floating around on the internet that their cheating attempts have already begun.  OK,  fine.  I have a plan for that. 

So,  there has to be a very dire consequence for cheating,  or else misbehavior and lying will continue unabated.  That’s been Iranian history ever since the old Shah was overthrown,  and even he was very far from truthful (I am an old guy,  I remember that). 

Don’t be misled,  Iran is not alone in this deceitfulness!  There are no Middle Eastern countries that value truth at all!  There never have been,  not since Hammurabi,  or the tales in the Old Testament (that Christians,  Jews,  and Muslims all share) would not read the way they do.  But that’s yet another topic for yet another time.

There is a solution to this problem that does not involve sending troops to the Middle East.  I don’t want to do that anymore,  no ordinary American does!  We’ve have quite enough of that BS in Afghanistan and Iraq,  thank you very much.  (I’m trying to be charitable here in how I express myself.)

But my solution does involve very extreme violence!  You must prepare yourself for that.  Nothing else is understood over there. 

If you do not make a grisly example of misbehavers,  then nobody over there will mend their ways.  They never have.  There’s over 5000 years of that very history recorded in the Old Testament,  verifying exactly what I contend.

What you do is start a countdown clock when the cheating reports start,  as regards the Iran nuclear deal.  You set the time interval fairly short,  somewhere between a week and a month;  there’s no point dragging this out. 

You tell them you started that countdown clock,  and if they do not correct their misbehavior (“here’s the written list”),  then you will nuke all of their nuclear facilities.  Period.  No argument.  No negotiation.  No leeway on the deadline. 

And then you carry out that threat,  on time.  You’ll have to,  as they will not believe it until you do it. 

Don’t tell them how you are going to do it!  But make this ultimatum quite public,  so all of Iran’s neighbors know in advance what is going to happen in that neighborhood.  “52 cards face up on the table”,  as it were. 

You do not want Russia,  for one,  to be surprised by what they see coming on the radar.  Because,  what I propose could risk World War 3,  if misinterpreted by any nuclear power in the region.  Leave zero room for misinterpretation on anybody’s part! 

Do NOT send warplanes.  Do NOT send bombers.  ABOVE ALLdo not send ships and troops.  Give them zero warning of what you are doing.  Hit their nuclear sites with nuke-tipped ICBM’s,  in at least 2 waves.  It’ll all be over,  in about 1 hour.

These sites we target are well outside Tehran and the other cities.  Civilian casualties will actually be very low,  if any at all.  But the message about “what could happen next” will NOT be lost on those ruling mullahs,  no matter how thick-headed they really are (and they really are !!!). 

This could be the beginning of the end for them,  as their people catch on to what just happened.  And that would be a good thing!  And not just for us,  as Iran and Saudi Arabia are the two biggest funders of organized terrorism in the world today. 

We do this,  and all the other Middle Eastern countries will fall into line for a while,  and behave themselves.  But only for a while.   You will have to do it again to a different one,  somewhere down the road.

Then,  all you need do is figure out how to destroy the evil extremists like ISIS.  But,  if you have actually nuked a bad actor like Iran,  then even they (ISIS) might start to behave a little better.    All it takes is an extreme punishment example.

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