Friday, December 14, 2012

School Shooting in Connecticut

Another crazy goes unhinged and kills kids at a school.

My comments of the 8-9-12 posting titled "Mass Murder Shooters and Gun Control" apply here as well. See that one for details.

Update 12-18-12: for some discussions about the leaky loopholes in the background check process as it relates to the mentally-disturbed, see my earlier post 1-13-11 "On the Shooting Rampage in Tucson".

We do not need more restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.

We do need to plug the background check loopholes that let these crazies get their weapons.

Update 12-18-12: There is momentum for new law in Congress to try to "fix" this problem. Do you really want them involved? They cannot cope with their constitutionally-mandated duty to pass a budget, for about half a decade now. The problem isn't law, it is in the bureaucratic rules. That's ATF's job. We need new rules from them regarding background checks. They work for the President. He can order this.

Update 12-18-12: The obsessive 24/7 coverage of this horrible event in Connecticut is already spawning copycat problems. Enough already!

Update 12-21-12: See the newer posting dated 12-20-12 and titled "On the Tragedy in Connecticut" for a full analysis of all of the recent events, and two really specific suggestions on what to do about this problem, things that might actually work.


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